Bridled tern (Onychoprion anaethetus) 30–32 cm

BIRDS of BORNEO4This seabird of the family Laridae. It is a bird of the tropical oceans. This species is unlikely to be confused with any tern apart from the similarly dark-backed sooty tern and the spectacled tern from the Tropical Pacific. It is paler-backed than that sooty, (but not as pale as the grey-backed) and has a narrower white forehead and a pale neck collar. This aves is totally protected under JADUAL KEDUA [seksyen 3]
HIDUPAN LIAR YANG DILINDUNGI SEPENUHNYA Akta 716, AKTA PEMULIHARAAN HIDUPAN LIAR 2010. During the first month of May every year, this aves arrived to the islet of Ular island (500m) from Layang-Pulau Ular Sanctuary PresentationLayangan shore for breeding till mid of August.


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