Proposal to Protect Pulau Ular, Labuan FT as A Wildlife Sanctuary.

The goal of this paper is to “provide protection to the avifauna found on Pulau Ular”, and the objectives are:

  1. To inform DWNP on the presence of totally protected wildlife on Pulau Ular;                                                                    and
  2. o request DWNP to protect Pulau Ular as a wildlife reserve/sanctuary in accordance to provision available in Wildlife Conservation Act 2010

    It is necessary to protect the habitats of these three species of tern to ensure the island is available as migration and breeding ground as:

    Wildlife Conservation Act 2010; and

    1. In reference to the National Policy on Biological Diversity, 2016-2025

    (MoNRE, 2016):Pulau Ular Sanctuary Presentation1


    All three species (i.e. Black-Napped tern, Bridled tern and Roseate tern) are listed in the Second Schedule (Totally protected wildlife) of Target 10 – By 2025, poaching, illegal harvesting and illegal trade of wildlife, fish and plants are under control and significantly reduced.Pulau Ular is a migration and breeding destination for several tern species, such as Black-Napped tern, Bridled tern and Roseate tern (refer to Table 1).Pulau Ular lies on the West coast of Labuan Island (5o 20’ 36.85” N and 155o 20’ 36.85” E, and about 500 metre from the main island (Labuan Island)

    *** This only part of the partial paperwork done by Labuan Avian Group members under Malaysia Nature Society (Sabah) Branch.


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